COVID-19 Update: 

COVID-19 has brought the fragility of the supply chain to the forefront.
We are open for business and are here to future-proof the food supply chain.  We are working remotely and making the most of digital technologies to stay connected.

Do you want to optimise your supply chain, reduce risk and improve food integrity ?

The New Fork helps you address these issues using the newest technologies

Committed to action

We find motivated industry leaders and bring them together with start-ups, governments and NGOs to get consensus and commitment to address the greatest threats to the food system.

Guidance to execution


The New Fork introduces individuals to new technologies that have the biggest potential to improve relationships across the supply chain.

StrikeTwo Lab 

The New Fork helps make sense of new technologies. We collaborate with business teams to identify pain points, define if and how new technologies address these. We then build execution plans to help you grow quickly and sustainably.

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