Globrands presents: Brands in Motion

February 6th 2020 – 15:30 to 18:30

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Klonne plein 4-6
1014 DD Amsterdam

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Filter bubbles. Online ultrasound rooms. We are all in it! Thanks to artificial intelligence we see what we want to see and our opinions are confirmed as standard.


Delicious right? We are sometimes stunned to see how other people can look at things completely differently. Where do they get it from!

Contradictions are getting bigger and what’s really true is becoming less clear. Does your brand help to break through filter bubbles, or rather not?

More and more brands function as beacons of trust for one and mistrust for the other. Is our opinion formed by algorithms? Do we continue to think critically because we are checking what is really going on? How can your brand build confidence in a fragmented online world? What happens when your audience gets started with your brand?

This is what the 3rd edition of Brands In Motion is about. We are tackling our own bubbles from various angles.

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Update: the speakers are known

Program from 15:30 to 18:30

Matthijs Klinkert, director of digital design agency Fabrique
Geert Docter, creative consultant at Globrands strategy by naming

Matthijs and Geert first set substantive frameworks for the afternoon. Matthijs shows how online filter bubbles actually work and what influence they have on brands and their relationship to their audience. Brands as a beacon of trust, that sometimes goes well and sometimes goes wrong … Geert takes you through a number of perspectives from which a brand can look at this, which forms the basis for this afternoon.

Arendo Joustra, editor-in-chief EW Elsevier Weekblad

About how the difference between paid and unpaid information contributes to our world view being partly determined by our financial space. This entails dilemmas for journalistic brands, where truth and balance are crucial values.

Marieke de Ruyter de Wildt, founder of The New Fork – blockchain for food

Claims about products will soon be easily verifiable for everyone, thanks to blockchain. This is a technology that records the time and content of transactions in a highly transparent and fraud-proof manner. This has major consequences for the role of brands as guarantors. Will they still be needed later?

Jenna Kleingeld, partner Weyond

It is increasingly an illusion that you can be the owner of a brand. The users and people who work for the brand – that is the owners. But if brands are actually social constructs of the public, they contribute to the (online) echo chamber effect. What should you do when your audience gets started with your brand?

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