Blockchain Auditing Services

Do you already have a blockchain implementation? Do you want to know how to improve your blockchain? What would be your challenges with scaling? Find out by doing an audit of your blockchain platform.


During the audit our architects will dive into your blockchain solution. We’ll audit your claims and assign them a green, red or grey (neutral) status. Your blockchain will be audited in 10 relevant points (including sub-points) from usability to digital ethics. Our architect will report on how to improve the red and grey areas in your solution design.

Why us

The New Fork is one of the pioneering companies in blockchain for agrifood. We’ve been part of the first research on blockchain for agrifood with Wageningen University and Research. The New Fork created the first global event on blockchain for agrifood. We’ve been part of and seen the development of many of the implementations in blockchain for agrifood in the past years. 


The costs and the time investment depend on your platform and questions. Prices start at 12000 ex. VAT.  


Contact The New Fork to discuss the possibilities or to plan an audit:


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