Our events and trainings address how new tech impacts the crucial issues facing our food supply chain. We go beyond basic information sharing and foster an environment of collaboration, innovation, and follow through. Check out the tangible outcomes from past events here

Do you want to innovate on the biggest issues in agrifood? Apply for an invite to our StrikeTwo Summit or join us at a training!


Many of us agree that we need to transform our food system to be more transparent, circular and sustainable. The Strike Two Summit addresses crucial issues facing our food supply chain. Transformation is accelerated as we explore new technologies.

The summit is highlighted with ‘track’ themes that range from blockchain solutions that make farm buyouts possible, to building consumer trust and safety with fraud-free digital food twins.

The Strike Two Summit connects the coalition of the willing.



The blockchain masterclass will provide foundational knowledge by using practical applications and existing use cases. We will deep dive into uses of blockchain by large companies and look at how entrepreneurs are applying this tech for cost savings, traceability and platform building. 

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Technology doesn’t change the system. People do. Join us on meetup and experience blockchain for food as we share it with the world.

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