Remember the old days when we could meet in person without a second thought? We do too and MISS them just as much as you do! We’ll admit it – we prefer the in-person events but connecting virtually is still connecting.  We think we’re getting pretty good at it!


Many of us agree that we need to transform our food system to be more transparent, circular and sustainable. The Strike Two Summit addresses crucial issues facing our food supply chain. Transformation is accelerated as we explore new technologies.

The summit is highlighted with ‘track’ themes that range from blockchain solutions that make farm buyouts possible, to building consumer trust and safety with fraud-free digital food twins.

The Strike Two Summit connects the coalition of the willing.

Design Thinking Workshop


2020 has been an unexpected year for all of us. That said, we had some great successes and are keen to carry that over into the new year! 

Wishing everyone a happy, safe holiday season! 



Technology doesn’t change the system. People do. Join us on meetup and experience blockchain for food as we share it with the world.

The Old Days

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