Expert Placement

The New Fork is focused on enabling companies of any size to implement new technologies. Sometimes that means a thorough ‘innovation to execution’  cooperation, like we offer in our StrikeTwo Lab. Other times, it means having a dedicated individual on hand to work through the nuanced challenges of your particular project. Our goal is to accelerate projects by providing compounded knowledge, expertise, and experience. This is where our Expert Placement team can help.

While you are managing your day – to – day tasks on your supply chain, it is difficult to stay ahead of the new opportunities out there. What are the new risk – proof methods of tracking every single product that comes in and out of your value chain? How can you built a digital representation of every product and create complete transparency on every micro level? Yes, we are finally at a point where these things are possible.

If you’d like to know more about these possibilities for your particular company, you can book a free 15-minute consultation call with us.



How we accelerate

One of the greatest strengths of The New Fork is our network. We attract
with a keen interest in new technology, who are interested in using
it to create a world with more integrity. 

Specifically, we share knowledge related to:

  • Blockchain
  • Decentralised Networks
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning 
  • IoT

Seeking the services of one of our experts can come during any phase of a project:

  • Project initiation – specific technical expertise are needed to write a project initiation document
  • Planning – Professional assessment of project plan, including risks, issues, dependencies on new tech
  • Execution – Additional subject matter expert available to ensure a smooth implementation and adequate incident coverage
  • Issue prevention – Objective assessment of project activities, prior to go-live
  •  Project audit or blockchain audit

About The New Fork

Alongside our general new tech expert placement, The New Fork offers a niche set of expertise at the intersection of new tech and agrifood. We were part of the first research on blockchain for agrifood with Wageningen University. We created the first global event on blockchain for agrifood and have executed and overseen the development of many of the implementations in blockchain for agrifood in recent years.  The New Fork is also a leader in spearheading the use of technology to address the Sustainable Development Goals, as set out by the United Nations. 

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