The New Fork works with an agile mindset and uses scrum methodology. This means we are able to quickly respond to your needs and the needs of the market. We do this by working in 3 phases with clear outputs and a transparent pricing model. We know New tech like blockchain is changing the way we do business across a broad range of industries. What better an industry to capitalise on the transparency, risk-reduction and supply chain optimisation than the food and agrifood sector? 

There are steps every organisation should take to ensure a blockchain implementation is right for them. We split these up into 4 recommended building blocks. 


1. So you think you want a blockchain...

  • In-company workshop designed to introduce the team to blockchain and get real about what blockchain can and cannot do. Using a series of interactive design thinking exercises, we connect team priorities to the power of blockchain. This includes a deep dive into how blockchain helps YOUR customers. We customise this workshop based on your needs. 
  • You commit 2 hours for the workshop with a maximum of 12 key people. We do set some requirements for the team’s background, it needs to be representative of C-suite thinking and those on-the-ground in execution mode.
  • We deliver you a high-level education on blockchain technology, a deeper understanding of blockchain and business, and insights into how you can communicate with your customers about the power of blockchain.
  • Cost 5K

2. Design Sprint

  • So…you’ve decided you DO want a blockchain!  We, in partnership with your business and other supply chain partners, create a design fit for your industry. The 4 week design sprint is a stand-alone exercise, meaning you see the results and commit to the build of the solution when you are ready. 
  • You ensure supply chain partners fulfill a minimum requirements checklist. This ensures we have the right level of people, information and commitment to maximise these 4 weeks. 
  • We deliver the foundational concept for how we envision of full implementation plan. This includes clarity and prioritisation of partner requirements. We take stock of the As-Is and existing solutions, to create a cost-efficient detailed implementation plan.
  • Cost 35K

3. Solution Build

  • The design is complete and it meets industry and business needs. Now it’s time to build the solution. During the build phase we are in daily contact with each other and the supply chain partners. 
  • You commit time from all participating supply chain partners – typically specific people in the business (usually IT and procurement). We also required commitment from c-level/decision making stakeholders to attend a sprint review every 2 weeks where we demo the work to ensure we are all aligned, all the time. 
  • We deliver a superior customer experience and a team just as eager to revolutionise the food industry as you! We deliver an open, public blockchain layer and any relevant interfaces agreed in the design sprint.  
  • Cost Starting at 200K, dependent on features 

4. Ongoing technical support

  • You came, you saw, we built a blockchain. You can manage your own nodes, but The New Fork can also do this for you. In addition, we are available in case you want to add additional functionalities, interfaces or attributes. 
  • You provide clarity on how we can best help you and together, we agree a way of working together going forward. 
  • We deliver top notch service, while freeing up your time to focus on the positive outcomes of implementing a blockchain, rather than the blockchain itself. 
  • Cost dependent on support level required

The People

Why you

You are a person active somewhere in the food system: a farmer, a marketing manager, a CSR rep, a quality manager or a CEO or retailer. What you have in common is a drive to use new technology to make your business future proof and inspire your people with new opportunities. 


We are specialists in Agrifood and Tech. We combine hands-on experience with design-thinking, creating an atmosphere of innovation and learning. 

We like to do this in 4 months to ensure that people and processes can adjust to the journey. Anxious to soak up information and get started? We also offer a 4 day fast-track option! 

Why us

Neutrality: We’re not selling you something, we’re helping you do something. We will help you evaluate technological options and identify the appropriate solution. 

Focus: We look for clients that can really benefit from our specialization in new technologies relevant for agrifood

Connection: Our deep connections to both local and international players in the AgTech domain opens up possibilities for collaboration.

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