The open secret in the agrifood industry is that it’s built on exploiting complicated supply chains that are behind all the products you find in your kitchen. This has resulted in exploitation of human labour, exploitation of animals, and exploitation of the planet. Poor practices in the food supply chain have real consequences for growers, businesses, and consumers, alike. At the same time, ethical businesses don’t get the recognition they deserve – especially if they fall somewhere in the beginning or middle of the supply chain. 

Customers are becoming more data savvy. It simply isn’t enough to say your products are trustworthy – you have to prove it. In doing this you create the opportunity for an active relationship with customers while also having the option to secure your reputation and increase internal efficiency – all powered by blockchain.

Open Food Chain is a customisable blockchain solution that can tell a product story, manage ESG risks, and create more efficient supply chains. Empowering people and businesses with information is the first step. Transparency means they then have a CHOICE to stop supporting exploitation and START rewarding sustainable businesses. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Open Food Chain might help you reach your company goals, drop us an email with some possible meeting times and we’ll arrange a time to connect. 

Why OFC?

How we accelerate

OPEN FOOD CHAIN is a fast to roll-out, customisable blockchain solution. Features include:

  • Immutability
  • Highly secure
  • Customer app option
  • Client control by iterative development

Our unique foundation model facilitates sector-wide collaborations, promoting inter-supply chain competition rather than intra-supply chain competition.

By easily integrating with both ERP systems and simple spreadsheets, we make it easy for farmers to traders to benefit from Open Food Chain: 

  • SCRUM – Iterative development means the customer is always in the driving seat
  • Experts – Our blockchain architects and developers have been part of decentralised technology before it was a ‘thing’
  • Soft skills – Our product owners are experts at working across organisations, cross-borders, and cross-departments 
  • Execution – Additional subject matter experts available to ensure a smooth implementation
  • Issue prevention – Objective assessment of project activities, prior to go-live

About The New Fork

The New Fork offers a niche set of expertise at the intersection of new tech and agrifood. We were part of the first research on blockchain for agrifood with Wageningen University. We created the first global event on blockchain for agrifood and have executed and overseen the development of many of the implementations in blockchain for agrifood in recent years.  The New Fork is also a leader in spearheading the use of technology to address the Sustainable Development Goals, as set out by the United Nations. 

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