Products & Solutions

The New Fork offers a niche collection of expertise across agrifood & technology, complete with over 10 years working with, and adjacent to the UN. This translates into unique products & services we can offer when the expertise, time or objectivity are in short supply within your own organisation. 

Check out our Solutions page for and immediate view into the pool of technical, financial, product and service solutions that we work with. These are targeted specifically on the food supply chain and have validated their products and services against real-life problems, some featured at our StrikeTwo summit. 


The New Fork brings the best people and most practical technical solutions together to optimise the supply chain, manage risk and increase food integrity. We provide a neutral view on what solutions based on functionality, cost, and speed to implementation, are best fit for your purpose. 

Blockchain Auditing Services

Do you already have a blockchain implementation? Do you want to know how to improve your blockchain? What would be your challenges with scaling? Find out by doing an audit of your blockchain platform.

So You Think You Need a Blockchain...

Blockchain is a compelling topic for many but sometimes it’s not 100% clear if blockchain solves the problem needing solved. The New Fork executes design thinking workshops specifically geared towards those that need clarity on IF blockchain solves their problem and through a series of exercises, seeks to understand the needs of the user. 

SDG Consulting

A SDG-consult is tailored to the needs of your company. It starts with your question. Based on your question and your company, our consultants will advise you on the next steps.

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