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The New Fork offers a niche collection of expertise across agrifood & technology, complete with over 10 years working with, and adjacent to the UN. This translates into unique products & services we can offer when the expertise, time or objectivity are in short supply within your own organisation.


Technology is advancing at an accelerated rate. So much so, it can be difficult to stay current. The fourth industrial revolution is shifting paradigms in how we interact in society in a fiscal, economic AND technological way. Currently we are offering masterclasses on blockchain and decentralised networks and Tokenisation. Learn what these things really mean for your business and why they will have such an impact. Available to individuals and in-company group classes. 

Book a speaker

An engaging speaker can bring your event to the next level. The New Fork takes a comprehensive view of how new tech will influence not only industry, but how we relate as a society. 

Available for tech and non-tech audiences, alike. 

StrikeTwo Lab

New tech like blockchain is changing the way we do business across a broad range of industries. What better an industry to capitalise on the transparency, risk-reduction and supply chain optimisation than the food and agrifood sector? Drawing on the success of our StrikeTwo Summit, The New Fork seeks to recreate this experience for companies looking to practically implement innovative new technologies.

Expert Placement

The New Fork taps its extensive network of experts to help outside organisations accelerate projects.  We focus on new tech like blockchain, AI, IoT, and decentralised networks across all industries and offer a specialisation of tech in agrifood. 

Blockchain Auditing Services

Do you already have a blockchain implementation? Do you want to know how to improve your blockchain? What would be your challenges with scaling? Find out by doing an audit of your blockchain platform.

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