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The New Fork is focused on enabling companies of any size to implement new technologies. Sometimes that means a thorough ‘innovation to execution’  cooperation, like we offer in our StrikeTwo Lab. Other times, a company already has a clear directive and is seeking a reliable, knowledgeable team to execute their vision. 

Our goal is to accelerate projects by providing compounded knowledge, expertise, and experience. We typically work with an Agile approach, using Scrum Methodology. We, ourselves, are a small organisation so we offer a degree of flexibility unmatched by firms encumbered by bureaucracy. We co-create custom technical solutions based on principles of commitment, courage, focus, openness and respect. 

Let’s execute your vision, together. 


We are a neutral party and do custom builds and, if it’s a good fit, we might suggest integrating the tech of some of our trusted partners.

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