SDG Consulting

In 2015 the United Nations created the sustainable development goals, 17 goals with a total of 169 targets to intended to be achieved by 2030 in order to create a better and more sustainable future for all.  


Do you and your company want to contribute, but not sure where to start? Do you wonder what technologies can help you create a positive impact? Or are you already working on the SDG’s and needs some help on how to best communicate about your ambition and contribution? We can help.  


A SDG-consult is tailored to the needs of your company. It starts with your question. Based on your question and your company, our consultants will advise you on the next steps.  


A couple of example questions are: 

-How do the SDG’s affect our company and how do they fit in with our company targets? 
-How to prioritise what SDG’s to contribute to? 
-How do we involve the SDG’s in our strategy? 
-How can new technology accelerate the contribution to an SDG? 
-How do we involve our team in our contribution to the SDG’s? 
-How to communicate about our contribution to the SDG’s? 
-What would be natural partnerships for our SDG contribution? 

After the question, our consultants will meet with you and start researching and prepare a plan to address your question. The next steps in the process involve more meetings and research and possibly trainings or team exercises, depending on your needs. During the process we’ll increase your knowledge and understanding of the SDG’s, highlight opportunities and help you create a strategy and partnerships. The reporting is based on your specific preferences, from written reports to company presentations

Why us

The New Fork is one of the pioneering companies in new technologies for agrifood. We have roots in agrifood and expertise in new technologies. Our expertise is using new technologies for a more integer world.  

We’ve been part of the first research on blockchain for agrifood with Wageningen University and Research. The New Fork created the first global event on blockchain for agrifood. We’ve been part of and seen the development of many of the implementations in blockchain for agrifood in the past years. 

The New Fork is spearheading the use of technologies to contribute to the SDG’s. With StrikeTwo The New Fork brings together the agrifood sector to work on the SDG’s in multi-year roadmaps, focusses at specific challenges. 


The costs and the time investment depend on your specific needs and the duration of the consulting. Prices start at 2000 ex. VAT.  


Contact The New Fork to discuss the possibilities or to plan an audit:


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