Tell a product story

Go from story telling,
to story selling

No matter where you sit in the supply chain, Open Food Chain makes it easy to directly connect with customers.


Make sustainable business
transparent and bankable

Consumer Applications

Simply scanning a QR code connects shoppers directly to all participating supply chain partners. Shoppers learn the origin of the product and other product features as agreed.

Industry Applications

Blockchains for industries have the ability to make real, lasting change. Using a foundation model, maintenance and enchacement of the industry-uniting blockchain is agreed by consensus.

Blockchain Enabled

The New Fork builds integrity-assurance tools for the agri-food industry, using open public blockchain technology.

A scalable solution
that grows with you

We build blockchains that are fit-for-purpose. Our regular checkpoints mean we deliver what you want and what you need. It’s no secret blockchain can be used to tell product stories, help manage ESG risks, and make the supplay chain more efficient but you only commit to features that benefit you and your customer.

Consumer website

Connect directly to shoppers with a customisable, GDPR-compliant website

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Build apps and websites in the style and language of your target audience

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New Product claims

Track the attributes that add value to your customers

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Zero-knowledge proofs

Share proof of information, without giving away proprietary information or trade secrets

Foundation set-up

Position your company as the industry leader, differentialing itself by proving sustainability practives

Why explore those possibility with us?

No Vendor Lock In

Transparency is in our DNA. This is why we build open, public blockchains with our code base available on Github. Come for the blockchain, stay for the service.

Interoperable by Design

The consumer applications are built to be automously customsible, so you aren’t reliant on The New Fork for every change. The blockchain also integrates seamlessly with ERP systems, to spreadsheet.

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Transparent Cost Structure

In the build phase, we work with a simple cost per sprint model. The move value you want to add, more sprints we do. Simple as that. More details can be found here.

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Scales to All Sizes

We begin by tracing origin of a product and from there, can add product claims and information. It’s easy to add another product line or trace multi-ingredient products.

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